Use the following template to welcome new controllers, controllers who are transferring into ZLC. For new Visitors, please click *HERE*

Hello and welcome to the Salt Lake City Air Route Traffic Control Center on VATSIM (ZLC ARTCC). We’re excited to have you on the ZLC team!


The ZLC website is at An account has been created for you and you have been added to the ZLC roster. Here are your login credentials:



Once you’re able to login to the ZLC website, getting started in your training is your responsibility. To do so, start reading through the ZLC Computer Based Training Google slide shows by reading:

Training Department>Computer Based Training (CBTs)>ZLC ARTCC Orientation

***New Controllers (Observer rating)***

Then start with your ATC training by starting at:

Training Department>ATC Training Courses>General ATC

Once you’ve read that CBT, continue reading the CBTs in order on the website. They will guide you through the process of getting started in ZLC.

***Transferring Controllers (S1+)***

Since you are transferring into ZLC from another facility, and have already received training and have at least an S1 rating, after completing the ZLC ARTCC Orientation CBTs, start in the ATC Training Courses for your specific rating:

Training Department>ATC Training Courses>(Local, Tracon, Center)(Whichever is appropriate for your rating.

Once you have gone over the training courses for your certified rating, please schedule a training session to continue your training.

If you have any problems or questions feel free to reach out to the ATM ( or the DATM (

Once again, welcome to ZLC!