Use the following template to welcome new controllers, controllers who are visiting ZLC. For new transfers, please click *HERE*

Hello and welcome to the Salt Lake City Air Route Traffic Control Center on VATSIM (ZLC ARTCC). We’re excited to have you on the ZLC team!


The ZLC website is at An account has been created for you and you have been added to the ZLC roster. Here are your login credentials:



Once you’re able to login to the ZLC website, getting started in your training is your responsibility. To do so, start reading through the ZLC Computer Based Training Google slide shows by reading:

Training Department>Computer Based Training (CBTs)>ZLC ARTCC Orientation

Once you have completed the ZLC ARTCC Orientation, please review the following material.

  • Controllers>ZLC Controller Information Center>Facility Directives
  • It is *STRONGLY* suggested that you review the material under the More Controlling Resources under the above folder.
  • Review LOAS, Use of Scratchpad, Use of Radar, and Alias Command Reference pages too.

Once you have reviewed all of the material, please email ZLC-DATM@VATUSA.NET with the following information.

  • Name
  • CID
  • Controller Rating

In the subject line, please write “I am requesting the ZLC directive exams.”

Within 48 hours, the appropriate exams will be assigned to you, with a due date of 7 days. After completing all exams, please schedule a training session and select the following.

If you fail the exam, you must schedule a training session for “OPS1” as instructed via the Orientation CBTs.

If you passed the exam, you must schedule a training session for “OPS2” as instructed via the Orientation CBTs.


  • To ensure complete understanding of ZLC procedures and practices, you will need to complete a practical evaluation with an instructor. This evaluation will also be an opportune time to ask questions with real time answers and demonstrations.
  • Once the instructor determines that you are up to speed with ZLC procedures and concepts, the instructor will certify you to control all VATSIM Non-Designated Airspace within ZLC ARTCC and you may work through your Designated airspace ratings later at your convenience.
  • You may always email the ZLC ARTCC DATM with any questions as to what you need to be doing at any given moment.