This policy outlines rules and expectations for members that wish to live stream or record their vZLC controlling sessions.


  1. “vZLC”
    1. Any position under the jurisdiction of the real world ZLC ARTCC including delegated airspaces within TRACONs, Approach Control Facilities, and/or Local positions such as Tower, Ground, and Clearance Delivery.
  2. “Live Stream”
    1. Using external programs to capture and upload audio or video to a website where an up-to-date feed can be viewed, publicly or privately.
  3. “Record”
    1. Capturing and storing audio or video for future access.
  4. “vZLC platform”
    1. Any social media account operated by the staff of vZLC for the purpose of promoting vZLC.


  1. Expected Conduct
    1. While streaming or recording, all members are expected to comply with  the VATSIM Code of Conduct.
    2. If a member provides a link to their personal stream channel or recording in their Controller Information, all communication is subject to the VATSIM Code of Conduct, including mediums such as stream chat.
    3. While controlling a vZLC position, members shall prioritize controlling over interacting with stream chat, or any other stream/recording-related mediums.
    4. While streaming or recording, members shall conduct themselves in a professional manner, as they are acting as a representative of vZLC.


  1. General guidelines
    1. Members are not permitted to stream or record audio from the vZLC Discord at any time.
      1. Exceptions to this rule may be made with the advance written approval of the ATM or DATM for purposes deemed beneficial to vZLC such as promotional videos, tutorials, or demonstrations.
      2. If possible, any approved audio recording shall be conducted in a room with limited access. If not possible, the recording user must add “REC” to the start of their Discord nickname, and post a message in #general to advise users.
  2. vZLC platform specific guidelines
    1. Any content live streamed on a vZLC platform shall relate directly to vZLC. For example, this could include controlling within vZLC or flying during a vZLC event, but not controlling at a neighboring facility.
    2. Approved users may only stream ATC related content without the prior approval of the EC, DATM or ATM.
    3. If the chat portion of the stream is deemed a distraction by the streaming user, the member hosting the stream may elect to disable the stream chat.


  1. Both the Events Coordinator and the Training Administrator are permitted to nominate any vZLC certified controller to live stream on any vZLC platform. 
  2. The nominating party will inform the other via email. 
  3. The other party will either approve or deny the nomination. If denied, a reason must be provided and forwarded to the DATM.
  4. If both parties agree, the nominated controller will be contacted by the EC. If the member accepts, they will receive training on how to stream within the outlined standards.
  5. The ATM and DATM reserve the right to revoke a user’s ability to stream on a vZLC platform at any time.