All of the following items are placed under the person that is expected to lead or accomplish the task.

The items are listed in order of priority within each department and are continuously evolving.

When you submit Feedback via the Controller page or the .FEEDBACK command, and after the feedback is reviewed
by the DATM (or delegated individual), the item will be placed in the appropriate department and priority order on this page.

If you submitted feedback and have not seen it on this page within 7 days, please contact Kyle Sanders (via discord PM) and inquire the reason.


  • ALL LOAs:
    • We should get an agreement with all of our neighbors with the following:
      • If a facility calls for holding, that facility is required to accept all aircraft within 8 min flying time of the boundary.
      • Agreement that 20 miles from the boundary will be used as the FAA JO 7110.65 4-3-8.a “5 min flying time from the boundary” and an APREQ for the departure must be approved by the receiving facility prior to releasing the aircraft. Example: “In-Suspense, N123AB assumed CD63 departure at (assumed departure time) climbing to 11,000, requesting 17,000 direct MTU VORTAC.
  • ZMP LOA update
    • Sector 99 info
    • Non-RADAR Procedures?
    • Sector split graphics
  • ZDV LOA update
    • Sector 99 info
    • Sector split graphics
  • ZLA LOA update
    • Sector split graphics
  • ZOA LOA update
    • “SECTOR C” and “SECTOR D” in the table should be renamed to “AREA”, not “SECTOR”.
    • Sector split graphics


  • Training. There should be a policy on how far in advance you can schedule a training session since there is none now.
  • TWR General control directive needs guidance for when and how to use “downtime notifications”.
  • The Pos Relief directive should have an actual “Checklist” in it that matches the one from vERAM. This will help those that use vSTARS or VRC.
  • All towered field directives need to align their Missed Approach sections closer to KSLC and KBOI format and rules.
  • We should have a general controlling directive segment that says that we only simulate RW NOTAMs (RWY/TWY closures, NAVAID outages, etc…) if the pilot requests it and it does not cause an undue delay for other non-participating aircraft.
  • [LONG-TERM PROJECT] Create and manage team to completely rewrite of all FDs to better align with RW. (Including reaching out to RW controllers to better understand their procedures beyond the SOP)
    • Enroute (one is already started by Kyle Sanders with a suggested format)
    • S56 (Including SLC, PVU, and OGD Locals)
    • KJAC
    • KBOI
    • Then the rest


  • Pathway for promotions
  • VATUSA ZAE Contribution
  • [After Review of ZAE materials and status] Organize CBTs
    • Add/Takeaway/Convert to webpage-as needed
  • Find the fields that radar does not extend to within ½ mile of the runways (real world, one in/one out).
    • This will also coincide with the new .DT command and will require directives to be updated to mandate Down-Time notifications at these fields.


  • VRC tutorial needs sweatbox2 to be added. (“ SWEATBOX-2” in myservers.txt)
  • Tutorial for setting up a Virtual Audio Cable/Internal Mixer allowing AFV and Discord sounds to be separated left/right.
  • The Command Reference page syntax isn’t very easy to read anymore.
    • It use to have standard colors that represented different aspects but now it seems to be all one color and sometimes not colored at all.
  • vERAM KBOI “Blind spot”
    • Right over the field where we loose track on arrivals about 1 mile final and don’t pick them back up until about a mile off the departure end.
    • May effect vSTARS as well.
    • This has been attempted to be fixed in the past but the solution created a problem with seeing the targets in TDM.
  • Remake SLC-ASDEX with new terminals.
  • .CID command doesn’t work anymore.
  • Remove MSO Delegated airspace from vERAM Index 1 filter, as it is no longer needed.


  • no tasks at this time


  • New server that loads site quicker
  • New site that is less “Bells and Whistles” when it comes to ATC data and finding it. Similar to the old TikiWiki but allows easier editing of data and image placement.
  • Modernize Website (backend)
  • Submit Training Notes
    • Under Discussion. Maybe too much automation or may be a resolution to the tendency of instructors not submitting training notes.
  • Training Session Scheduling System
  • Airport Parking Spaces
    • Look at ZDC website, they have a cool feature that will tell the pilots if their gate is occupied. “Don’t recreate code that is already there.”
  • ZLC “Who’s Online”
    • List
    • Map
      • Like the POSCON method?
      • Also speak with Ben about his EuroScope sector data
  • Scheduling ATC Controlling Times
    • Speak with EC about possibly getting this to work with Events too. EC should be able to block times that require EC authority to schedule times and positions.


  • 22NOV2021 By Harry Linsenmayer
    • Need .65Z CHG1 briefing. It into effect 02DEC2021Reference the Previous Change Post.
  • 04NOV2021 By Nik Boling
    • DEL/DEP/CTR ISR and .TCRAFT commands for KHRF HALEY departure have the aircraft level off at 9,400. Considering the MVA’s in the area, it would be better to have the aircraft maintain the next thousand of feet (10k).
    • Create a POF specifically for the S56 vSTARS.gz that removes the prefix “Q” in the position SECID.
  • 08OCT2021 by Nik Boling
    • Add .TRKLOA and .TVLLOA commands to alias
  • 01SEP2021 by Nathan Bauer
    • ZWG LOA update
      • New Callsign from ZWG and reword LOA
      • Add Radar client visibility points to reduce chance of previous issues from happening in the future.
    • ZEG LOA update
      • Copy RW one and start from there.
      • RW LOA doesn’t have the phraseology for handing off so it would be a good idea to take from the ZWG one.
  • 23AUG2021 by Nathan Bauer
    • LOA QR for SGU is incorrect. It should be AOB 16K, not FL230.
  • 23AUG2021 by Ben Lindsey
    • BOI TRACON FD > PARMO STAR no longer exists
    • The BOI Departure gates found in the BOI APP FD should be in the DEL section of the Local FD and QR, requiring DEL to issue these with the BOI departure. It should also be somewhere in the BOI APP QR.
  • 12AUG2021 by Nik Boling
    • .FEEDBACK command needs to be routed to the new google forms link
    • .SLCRUGGDGND shows 34L to be used but it should be 34R.
    • MARNN needs to be a significant waypoint in vERAM, as it provides a great crossing restriction reference for CTR on the QWENN arrival into KSLC.
    • Recheck of all IAP Fix-Draw commands. Example: KJAC VOR/DME RWY 01 was listed as .JACE01F when it should be .JACF01F
  • 22JUN2021 by Nik Boling
    • Create In-Processing vERAM/vSTARS CBT like the old VRC Setup CBT.
  • 17MAY2021 by Nathan Bauer
    • All Towered Fields that have SLC_CTR as the Departure controller need to be reviewed for Standard Departure Frequencies. (These frequencies were made back when vZLC only simulated 6 CTR Sectors).
  • 24MAY2021 by Kyle Sanders
    • 7110.65Z – Review and prepare brief for ZLC on upcoming changes that affect VATSIM/ZLC.
  • 25MAY2021 by Kyle Sanders
    • Create .DT (downtime command). Update Command Ref Page
    • .MILCT command: Remove “Change to Departure” phraseology. That is only used with Military Towers.
    • ISR Syntax to include the APT ID prefix to remain consistent with the rest of Chart Recall and Fix-Draw commands. (update Command Ref Page and is worthy of a )
  • 26MAY2021 by Kyle Sanders
    • Create MSAWs, Arrival Filters, and MSAW Suppression Areas for KSLC, KBIL, KGTF, KBZN, and KBOI. (special thanks to Louis, Cian, and Nik for their help with initial stages of this project)