All of the following items are placed under the person that is expected to lead or accomplish the task. The items are listed in order of priority and are continuously evolving.

When you submit Feedback via the Controller page or the .FEEDBACK command, and after the feedback is reviewed by the DATM, the DATM will place the item in the appropriate department and priority order on this page.


  • ZSE LOA update
    • Remove MSO Delegated Airspace.


  • ZWG LOA update
    • New Callsign from ZWG and reword LOA
  • ZEG LOA update
    • Copy RW one and start from there. If you propose a foundational roadmap to vNAVCAN, they may be more likely to work with you.
  • ZMP LOA update
    • Sector 99 info
    • Non-RADAR Procedures?
  • ZDV LOA update
    • Sector 99 info
  • All towered field directives need to align their Missed Approach sections closer to KSLC and KBOI format and rules.
  • [LONG-TERM PROJECT] Complete Rewrite of all FDs to better align with RW. (Including reaching out to RW controllers to better understand their procedures beyond the SOP)
    • Enroute (one is already started by Kyle Sanders with a suggested format)
    • S56 (Including SLC, PVU, and OGD Locals)
    • BOI
    • Then the rest


  • Pathway for promotions
  • VATUSA ZAE Contribution
  • [After Review of ZAE materials and status] Organize CBTs
    • Add/Takeaway/Convert to webpage-as needed
  • Find the fields that radar does not extend to within ½ mile of the runways (real world, one in/one out)-Speak to Kyle about this.
    • This will also coincide with the new .DT command and will require directives to be updated to mandate Down-Time notifications at these fields.


  • Create In-Processing vERAM/vSTARS CBT like the old VRC Setup CBT.
  • Fine-Tune vSTARS Profiles (Consult with RW controllers like Chris James).


  • VATUSA Podcast for ZLC
  • Establish Social Media Presence and policies governing the use of the outlets.
    • Create ZLC Twitch Stream System


  • Modernize Website (backend)
  • Submit Training Notes
    • Under Discussion. Maybe too much automation or may be a resolution to the tendency of instructors not submitting training notes.
  • Training Session Scheduling System
  • Airport Parking Spaces
    • Look at ZDC website, they have a cool feature that will tell the pilots if their gate is occupied. “Don’t recreate code that is already there.”
  • ZLC “Who’s Online”
    • List
    • Map
      • Like the POSCON method?
      • Also speak with Ben about his EuroScope sector data
  • Scheduling ATC Controlling Times
    • Speak with EC about possibly getting this to work with Events too. EC should be able to block times that require EC authority to schedule times and positions.


  • [COMPLETED 17MAY2021 by Nathan Bauer] All Towered Fields that have SLC_CTR as the Departure controller need to be reviewed for Standard Departure Frequencies. (These frequencies were made back when vZLC only simulated 6 CTR Sectors).
  • [COMPLETED 24MAY2021 by Kyle Sanders] 7110.65Z – Review and prepare brief for ZLC on upcoming changes that affect VATSIM/ZLC.
  • [COMPLETED 25MAY2021 by Kyle Sanders] Create .DT (downtime command). Update Command Ref Page
  • [COMPLETED 25MAY2021 by Kyle Sanders] .MILCT command: Remove “Change to Departure” phraseology. That is only used with Military Towers.
  • [COMPLETED 25MAY2021 by Kyle Sanders] ISR Syntax to include the APT ID prefix to remain consistent with the rest of Chart Recall and Fix-Draw commands. (update Command Ref Page and is worthy of a )
  • [COMPLETED 26MAY2021 by Kyle Sanders] Create MSAWs, Arrival Filters, and MSAW Suppression Areas for KSLC, KBIL, KGTF, KBZN, and KBOI. (special thanks to Louis, Cian, and Nik for their help with initial stages of this project)