• Approve VATUSA New ARTCC Controller Addition
  • Add controller to the appropriate roster table by opening the WordPress Dashboard, finding “Tables by Supsystic”. Open the appropriate roster table, copy a row from a previous controller, add a row in the appropriate order in the table, paste in the copied row, then edit the cell entries so they contain the new controller’s information.
  • Add a training notebook page by navigating the WordPress dashboard and add a new page. The heading at the top of the new page should be the controller’s name and CID. If they are a ZLC home controller (not a visitor), add the reusable “VATUSA Training Link” block by clicking the + symbol and clicking “Browse All”, and find the block in the menu at the left. Then, after adding a “separator” again, add the reusable “Training Notes Template” using the same method as the VATUSA training link block. If they are a visitor this is the only block they need. Make sure you select “Full Width” at the bottom, and “Allow Comments” on the right. You can also click “Disable TOC”. Then publish the page.
  • Once the above page is published, navigate the WordPress dashboard to Appearance>Menus. The page you just published will the the first page in the list of pages. Check it and click “Add to menu”. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the menu and you should see the new page. Click and drag it to the appropriate spot in the Training Staff>Training Notebook menu and drop it in (preferably alphabetically by first name).

Be sure to add the members CID List to the Dropbox ZLC_CID_LIST.txt. This can be found under Dropbox>ZLC1_Admin>DATM>Roster Management.

  • Open the ZLC webmail (webmail.hostinger.com) and create a new email using the template found on the ZLC website under ZLC Staff>ATM/DATM>ZLC Welcome Email Template and copy the template into the new email (but don’t send until after this next step!)
  • Add an account to the ZLC website for the controller by navigating to ZLC Staff>ATM/DATM>New Controller Registration, making sure to take note of the username and password that you create, then…
  • Paste the username and password into the email you started and send off the email!