Establish the sequence of arriving and departing aircraft by requiring them to adjust flight or ground operation as necessary, to achieve proper spacing.

N312PD, extend downwind.
N312PD, make short approach.
N312PD, number 2, follow C172 on base.
N312PD, number 3, traffic C172 landing runway 16L.
N312PD, circle the airport.
N312PD, make right 270.
DAL1465, go around. Fly runway heading. Maintain 8,000.
N312PD, runway 17, cleared option.
N312PD, runway 17, option approved.
N312PD, unable option. cleared to land.

Simultaneous Same Direction Operation
Same direction operations on parallel runways may only be authorized under the following conditions:

  • Operations are conducted in VFR conditions
  • Two way radio communication is maintained with the aircraft involved and advisories are provided as necessary.

Touch/Stop-and-Go and Low Approach Application

An aircraft performing a touch-and-go, stop-and-go, or low approach shall be treated as an arrival aircraft until it either touches down, makes a complete stop, or crosses the landing threshold. After either is accomplished, the aircraft will then be treated as a departing aircraft.