Current KSLC Conditions

KSLC Airport Diagram

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Receiving An IFR Clearance

KSLC uses pre-departure clearances, so if you file a valid flight plan you should receive a PDC. There is no need to contact ATC to request a clearance unless they ask you to contact them. If you file a flight plan that needs to be amended, ATC should contact you, but if not feel free to enquire.

Standard Runway Operations

ConfigurationRunwaysWind Component
South Ops16L/R, 17, 14<5 knots from any direction
North Ops34L/R, 35, 32+5 knots from the north
Note: Runway 14/32 is not typically used on VATSIM

Airline Gate Assignments

Information Regarding Pushbacks

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: If you’re parked along the east side of Terminal 2 and need to push back onto Taxiway H, you must get ATC permission to do so. From all other gates, push and start is at pilot’s discretion. Just notify ATC when you’re ready to taxi.

VFR Procedures

VFR Traffic Pattern

The typical traffic pattern at KSLC utilizes runway 17 in south flow and runway 35 in north flow. For runway 17 it’s a left-hand pattern, and for runway 35 it’s a right-hand pattern. Watch the above video for more information, including how to identify the required visual landmarks.

Thanks to Andrew Kim (AK) from ZLA for his assistance with these videos.

Flying the I-15 Transition