General Notes

  • Records are to be archived for at least 6 months but suggest for 1 year.
    • Records kept on an OpenOffice spreadsheet kept here: Dropbox > DATM folder > ZLC Roster Removal Tracking.ods

Checking Activity

  • Utilize this page to see who has been controlling:
  • If member has not met their monthly requirements, check Setmore training page to see if they have requested a training for the month.
    • If the member requested training but was a no-show and no email coordination was completed, that member is considered inactive.
    • New (OBS) members should have requested training within 15 days of joining the ARTCC (give slight leeway due to processing delays) and that training session should have been within 30 days of joining the ARTCC. S1+ controllers should have requested training within 7 days of taking their assigned exams.
  • Give exception to those on an LOA status: DROPBOX\DATM\Roster Management\LOA and Exception Tracking.ods

Roster Removal

  • Record all removals in the ZLC Roster Removal Tracking ods file located at Dropbox > DATM Folder > Roster Management
  • Remove all required members from the Resource Center Users menu.
  • Remove Discord permissions (if required)
  • Remove Website Permissions.
    • Remove from RC controller roster.
  • BAT: Remove emails from ROSTER_EMAILS.TXT found: Dropbox\ZLC 1. Administration\2. DATM\Roster Management
  • BAT: Remove CID from ZLC_CID.txt found: Dropbox\ZLC 1. Administration\2. DATM\Roster Management
  • At 2hrs prior to the end of the month (zulu time), removal all members required via VATUSA Facility Management. Put in place of reason: “Removal for inactivity per ZLC ARTCC Policy Manual Currency Requirements.”
  • Submit an email advisory to all removed visitors with the same “reason” as given on ZLC site.
  • Submit an advisory email to those members with an exception and give them a timeline to meet and make note of that deadline in the “LOA and Exception Tracking.ods” file found in the Roster Management folder.