This page will guide a new or seasoned pilot through grabbing the basics of aviation (procedures and ATC communication).

Before doing anything, if you are starting from scratch (don’t really understand how to fly a plane), work through THIS first.

VATSIM Pilot Resource Centre

Bookmark THIS page and work through the menus in the following order:

  • VATSIM Basics
  • General Lessons
  • VFR-Specific Lessons
  • IFR-Specific Lessons

PilotEdge Free Video Workshops and Resources

In between watching the following videos, download and install the PilotEdge receiver to listen to ATC LIVEor listen via the ARCHIVES. These resources are from another network but it provides quality and consistent phraseology exposure to ATC and Aviation procedures.

The following videos are going take many hours to get through. It is not meant to be done in one sitting, obviously, and be sure to watch them at a pace where you retain at least the basic concepts.

Nobody will expect you to know it ALL. Nobody does. A good pilot is always learning.

Bookmark THIS link

Watch the videos in the following order. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Training Department

  • Airport Operations (video appears to be lost at the moment)
  • ATC Communications (start at 10:05)
  • All About VFR
  • Scenario-Based VFR fligth Planning and Communication (Parts 1-3)
  • IFR- Departures Demystified
  • Instrument Procedures (Parts 1-4)
  • IFR- Enroute procedures and decoding Enroute charts
  • IFR Flight Planning & TEC routes
  • IFR: Holding, lost comms, TEC routes
  • Arrivals: Mastering STARs
  • DME Arcs from the cockpit