• Member requests visiting status via request email to DATM/ATM.
  • DATM sends “ZLC Auto-Welcome Email” to visitor.
  • DATM follows the “Add New Member to Roster” instructions.
  • DATM assigns member appropriate General Knowledge and Directive ZLC-VATUSA exam after request has been sent by student.
  • If member sends “DB Access” email, follow instructions in “Dropbox Access Email” section.

ZLC Welcome Email

Welcome to the Salt Lake City Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZLC ARTCC). We look forward to you being a part of our team.

Please open your browser to the following website

Then, navigate to the Public Information > In-Processing > Visitor and follow the steps listed there.

It is imperative that all steps are carefully followed in your processing and training.

If there are any questions at any time, please contact the ZLC DATM immediately at ZLC-DATM@VATUSA.NET

Add New Member to Roster

Assigning ZLC General Knowledge & Directive Exam

Member Requests Retake of Exam

ZLC Dropbox Access Request