BAT: = Completed by the New Member Guided Processing.BAT file located in the ZLC Dropbox > ADMIN > DATM folder > ROSTER MANAGEMENT > NEW MEMBER GUIDED PROCESSING folder


  • Member selects ZLC as first Home ARTCC or member transfers to ZLC via VATUSA site.
  • VATUSA automatically sends notification to ATM/DATM of new member.
  • Follow instructions via the “Process New Member” section.
  • Assign member appropriate General Knowledge and Directive ZLC-VATUSA exam when the request has been sent by student.
  • If meeting on Discord with member, cover all topics in the “Meeting with New Member” section.

VATUSA Auto-Welcome Email

Hello %fname%!

Welcome to the Salt Lake City Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZLC ARTCC). We look forward to you being a part of our team.

Please open your browser to the following website

Then, navigate to the Public Information > In-Processing > (New Member or Visitor appropriately) and follow the steps listed there.

It is imperative that all steps are carefully followed in your processing and training.

If there are any questions at any time, please contact the ZLC DATM immediately at ZLC-DATM@VATUSA.NET

Process New Member

  • Transferring Member:
    • Check member VATUSA “Action Log” for any VATUSA notes or anything standing out.
    • Accept transfer
  • BAT:Add Email
    • BAT:Add users email to the ROSTER_EMAILS.txt located on the ZLC DROPBOX > Roster Management folder
  • BAT:Add CID
    • BAT:Add users CID to the ZLC_CID_List.txt located on the ZLC DROPBOX > Roster Management folder
  • Resource Center Access
    • BAT: RC>SETTINGS>USERS>Add a New User
      • BAT: Username will be the member CID
      • BAT: Assign a password of: Welcome2ZLC!
      • BAT: Select: “User must change password at next login” and deselect “Send an email to the user to enable him or her to validate their account.”
      • BAT: Apply
      • BAT: Select Confirm Action
  • If visitor: Add member to the ZLC ARTCC Website via “Onboard Member” option in the site admin panel.
  • BAT:Create Training Folder
    • BAT:Navigate to ZLC DROPBOX > ZLC 2. Training Deparment > 3. Training Folders
    • BAT:Check to see if member has a folder with us already.
      • BAT:If so, move that folder to the correct host folder per their new VATSIM rating.
      • BAT:If not, create a new member folder in the appropriate VATSIM rating folder.
  • BAT: Email Member RC Credentials:

BAT: SUBJECT Your personal access to
The Salt Lake ARTCC Management has created an account on the ZLC Resource Center for you.

Log in with your CID as your username.
Password: Welcome2ZLC!

Be sure to change this password after you initially log on.
Please continue with your “in-processing” steps as instructed via your Welcome Email.

A training folder has been created for you on the ZLC Dropbox.
You may always access this folder via this link (if you are new to ZLC, it is likely empty at this time):

If there are any questions at any time, please contact the ZLC DATM immediately at ZLC-DATM@VATUSA.NET

Assigning ZLC General Knowledge & Directive Exam

  • Once member emails DATM with an Exam Request, assign the following tests as appropriate with a 7 day expiration:
    LINK: ZLC-VATUSA Written exam
    • S1
      • ALL Ratings ZLC Directive & Gen Knowledge
      • S1 ZLC Directive & Gen Knowledge
    • S2
      • ALL Ratings ZLC Directive & Gen Knowledge
      • S1 ZLC Directive & Gen Knowledge
      • S2 ZLC Directive & Gen Knowledge
    • S3 (or higher)
      • ALL Ratings ZLC Directive & Gen Knowledge
      • S1 ZLC Directive & Gen Knowledge
      • S2 ZLC Directive & Gen Knowledge
      • S3+ ZLC Directive & Gen Knowledge

Request to Retake Test

I’m sorry but we set the General Knowledge and Directive exam to not be able to be retaken for reasons listed below:

1) The student didn’t study the material as instructed in their welcome email(s) and took the test anyways. This is deliberate failure to follow instructions, in which we don’t want that mindset here with us if that is the case. If this is the case; the student can’t be trusted to them read and follow the facility directives on their own.

2) They did read the material, but too fast and attention to detail was not a priority… again… as above.

3) There is something else wrong and our instructor during the OPS1 training session should be trying to figure out what went wrong.

If #1 or 2 are the case, our instructors will make it clear what is expected from students and help go over the material at that time, with the student.

If #3, the DATM or ATM will get involved, if needed.

Dropbox Access Request

  • Copy the email address from body of the email sent to you.
  • Go to
  • Select the “Share” button on the ZLC Public folder.
  • Change “Can Edit” to “Can View”
  • Paste the members DB email
  • Select “Share”

Meeting with New Member

  • Discord Permissions assigned (if required)
  • Ensure access to ZLC Site and RC
  • Go over Policy Manual
    • Emphasis on Conduct, Chain of Support (including above ATM) and Currency