• Create ZLC Site backup 24hrs prior to every AIRAC update
    • Distribute the backup files to the ATM and DATM for contingency purposes.


  • Members (including other staff) will report bugs/glitches via the ZLC Controller Feedback form or might email the staff directly.
  • If the feedback form was used, the DATM will then submit an official email to the WM concerning the report.
  • If the report is directly emailed to the WM, respond to the email acknowledging receipt of it to the sender and CC the DATM in that response.
  • All bug/glitch reports are to be considered higher priority than feature requests, unless otherwise coordinated with DATM.
  • Feature requests that will require a significant amount of time to program or will change normal operations in any aspect is to be consulted with the DATM prior to beginning the development process.
  • Use the comment section below to post a summary of what was updated, so the staff can be aware of whatever updates were made to the website.