ZLC Social Media Specialist

Salt Lake City ARTCC (ZLC) is acceptiong applications for the position of Social Media Specialist. ZLC is interested in developing a social media presece for the purposes of promoting ZLC and also to develop ATC and pilot training materials. The Social Media Specialist should expect to work closely with both the ZLC events department and the ZLC training staff. The selected individual will be expected to be highly motivated to help ZLC develop a higher profile within the VATSIM community. They should be self-motivated and willing to explore new and different methods to help accomplish the goals set out by the ZLC staff.


  • A detailed knowledge of various social media platforms, including but not necessarily limited to, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. The selected individual will be encouraged to explore other social media platforms to identify any and all platforms which would be asppropriate to help ZLC achieve it’s social media goals.
  • An in-depth knowledge of at least one of the social media platforms mentioned above is desireable, espcially Twitch and YouTube. If the selected candidate does not have in-depth knowledge of these platforms they will be expected to learn them.
  • An experienced, knowledgable ZLC controller with a solid foundation in ZLC procedures and phraseology is preferred
  • A good sim pilot would also be desireable, though not required.

Job duties:

  • Assist the training department in developing and publishing training videos to YouTube
  • Assist the events department in publicizing ZLC events on social media
  • Develop and help produce a regular streaming program on Twitch, either by the Social Media Specialist doing the streaming themselves, or by them assisting a ZLC controller in setting up and executing a streaming session
  • Develop and produce a series of interviews with ZLC staff and controllers, preferably to be streamed live on Twitch and/or YouTube, and then to be published on YouTube for future viewing
  • Assist the ZLC staff in developing and expanding the concept of “ZLC TV” featuring a series of ZLC related videos on YouTube that are designed to showcase the unique methods, personalities, events, and general airspace features of ZLC
  • Develop and produce, or assist in the development of vidoes and streaming programs designed to showcase the benefits, challenges, and procedures for flying in ZLC airspace
  • Possibly maintain and utilize the ZLC Facebook page as a means to promote the various activites going on in ZLC, including but not limited to the projects detailed above
  • Any and all other ideas agreed upon by the ZLC staff. ZLC is very open to considering any platform or method to increase it’s social media profile

Time Commitment:

  • The required time commitment will vary based on work load. The selected candidate should expect a higher time commitment requirement when first selected for the position. After the selected candidate has developed a social media strategy for ZLC and has established that profile, the time commitment should be less, though a greater commitment will be required to accomplish projects approved by the ZLC staff

How to apply:

  • Interested candidates should contact the ZLC staff to arrange an interview. Submitting a resume detailing the candidate’s knowledge and experience with social media is the preferred method of applying (email paul.biderman(at)zlcartcc.com and nathan.bauer(at)zlcartcc.com). However more creative methods that utilize social media and showcase the candidate’s skills and knowledge in these platforms would be even better!

Time frame for applying:

  • This is an open-ended application period so the position will stay open until it is filled

NOTE: This is not an official VATUSA sanctioned staff position, however it will be considered a ZLC staff position