Due to the limitations of the VATSIM network, Flight Strip markings will be placed at the first part of the “Route” section of VATSIM flight plans.

To avoid confusion with the route drawing function on radar clients and to clearly indicate ATC markings vs pilot-filed data, a forward slant (/) will preface and close the flight strip markings.

All flight strip markings must be in ALL CAPS.


  1. If the pilot is assigned a RWY specific ODP without a Computer Code, this must be reflected via Flight Strip Markings
  2. Format:
    /DP(RWY #)(R/C/L designation)/
ODP Runway 30/DP30/
ODP Runway 30R/DP30R/
ODP Runway 1/DP1/


  1. Utilize the strip markings to denote the type of service a pilot is to receive concerning the flight following/VFR RADAR services.
  2. Do not make any flight strip marking for aircraft remaining in the pattern. In this situation, ensure the flight plan has the same departure and arrival airport and no flight strip markings are entered, it is expected that the pilot is reporting to the LC for pattern work.
  3. Even when the pilot does not request RADAR Services, ensure that there is a departure direction indicated utilizing one of the 8 cardinal direction abbreviations.
Flight following, destination in flight strip/FF/
Flight following, northbound departure/FFN/
Flight following, southeast departure/FFSE/
No flight following, northbound departure/N/
No flight following, southwest departure/SW/