Computer Based Training (CBT) includes any self-training aids provided by ZLC. This can be Slides, Videos, Interactive Software Applications, etc…
These training resources are an effective means to reduce the amount of one-on-one hours needed with instructors and can even act as a supplement or training enhancement during sessions.
CBTs will be assigned by in-processing checklists or assigned by ARTCC Management (including training staff) when necessary.


  1. Introduction to ZLC
  2. ARTCC Policy Manual
  3. Feedback From Controllers
  4. Safe Computer Management
  5. Discord Setup
  6. Controller Dropbox Setup Part 1
  7. Controller Client Setup Part 1
    • VRC (NOT Recommended)
    • vSTARS (Recommended)
    • vERAM (Recommended for Enroute/Center)
  8. Controller Client Manuals
    Note-You are only required to read the materials for the software you are planning to use.
  9. ZLC Dropbox Setup 2
  10. Controller Client Setup Part 2
  11. AFV & Monitoring
  12. [WIP] Split Discord and Pilot Audio into different ears (Recommended)
    1. Download/Install Voicemeeter
    2. Setup Voicemeeter to Control Your System Audio
    3. Interactive Voicemeeter Reference Guide
  13. ZLC vATIS Utilization
  14. Workstation Auto-setup Batch File