Current KBZN Conditions

KBZNAirport Diagram

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Receiving An IFR Clearance

KBZN uses standard clearance procedures like most airports on VATSIM. Contact the appropriate online facility to request clearance. In “top down” order it would be DEL/GND, then TWR, then APP/DEP, or finally CTR if none of the others are online. If you file a flight plan that needs to be amended, ATC should contact you, but if not feel free to enquire.

Standard Runway Operations

ConfigurationRunwaysWind Component
East Ops12, 11, 3<5 knots from any direction
West Ops30, 29, 21+5 knots from the west
Airliners will usually be assigned runway 12 in east ops or runway 30 in west ops

Airline Gate Locations

VFR Procedures

The traffic pattern at KBZN is a standard left hand pattern for all runways.