Current KBOI Conditions

KBOI Airport Diagram

Receiving An IFR Clearance

KBOI uses pre-departure clearances, so if you file a valid flight plan you should receive a PDC. There is no need to contact ATC to request a clearance unless they ask you to contact them. If you file a flight plan that needs to be amended, ATC should contact you, but if not feel free to enquire.

Standard Runway Operations

ConfigurationRunwaysWind Component
East Ops10L/R<5 knots from any direction
West Ops28L/R+5 knots from the west

Airline Gate Locations

VFR Procedures

The typical traffic pattern at KBOI is a left hand pattern for the left runways (10L/28L) and a right hand pattern for the right runways (10R/28R)

VFR aircraft should expect to receive instructions to maintain VFR at or below 4,500 feet.