Air Traffic Manager (ATM)

Paul Biderman

I’ve been involved in virtual aviation for over 20 years. I enjoy working with people and helping ARTCCs grow and embrace their potential. I’m also a pilot on VATSIM and I fly for a few different virtual airlines. I probably missed “my calling”. I should have been a pilot or air traffic controller in real life.

Deputy Air Traffic Manager (DATM)

Nathan Bauer

Welcome to ZLC! My name is Nathan. I am real world Airline Pilot for Republic Airways flying the E170. I currently live in Boston, but did a majority of my flight training out in Salt Lake City so the area and ARTCC means a lot to me. I’ve been on the network for a little over 4 years and am excited to be here on the staff. If you find me on Discord feel free to say hello!

Training Administrator (TA)

Louis Graham

Events Coordinator (EC)

Ben Lindsey

Facility Engineer (FE)

Nikolas Boling

Nik’s bio here

Webmaster (WM)

Wes Loeffler

Wes’ bio here


Ben Lindsey