KSLC airport, S56 TRACON (SLC_APP), and SLC_CTR are considered designated airspaces. To control these positions/airspaces, a “Major” Endorsement is required required from the ZLC Training Department.

Controller Legend

Controller Training Staff Facility Staff

Endorsement Legend

No Endorsement Minor Endorsement Solo Certification Major Endorsement

Home Controller Roster

Controller GND TWR APP ZLC
Fullerton, Kaylan KF I1 Air Traffic Manager
Sanders, Kyle KS C1 Deputy Air Traffic Manager
Romashov, Michael MS S2 Events Coordinator
Peterson, Steven SP C1 Facility Engineer
Loeffler, Wes WL S2 Webmaster
Ellett, Zack ZE I1 Instructor
Walser, Chad CW C3 Controller
Cruz, Milan MC C1 Controller
Dore, Jamyson JD C1 Controller
Flairty, Danny DF C1 Controller
Hanson, Jacob JH C1 Controller
Krasinski, Justin KI C1 Controller
Miller, Earl EM C1 Controller
Bauer, Nathan BA S3 Controller
Gil, William WG S3 Controller
Reyes, Israel IR S3 Controller
Rogers, Joshua JR S3 Controller
Foster, Tyler TF S2 Controller
Harrison, Ben BH S2 Controller
Shamblen, Jordan JT S2 Controller
Welch, Ian IW S2 Controller
Barlow, Nathan NB S1 Controller
Brubaker, Keith KB S1 Controller
Ford, Charles CF S1 Controller
Mulligan, Elias EN S1 Controller
Wenglinsky, Martin MW S1 Controller
Burner, Joe JB OBS Controller
Cassidy, Michael MD OBS Controller
Dorris, Seth SD OBS Controller
Kaufmann, Benjamin BK OBS Controller
Osorio, Luis LO OBS Controller
Remer, Cody CR OBS Controller
Toller, Charles CT OBS Controller
Utley, Jonathan JU OBS Controller
Vick, Orion OV OBS Controller
Vobora, Micah MV OBS Controller

Visiting Controller Roster

Controller GND TWR APP ZLC
Sterling, Andrew AS SUP ZHQ Visitor
Fries, Mike MF C3 ZSE Visitor
Thompson, Jim JX C3 ZSE Visitor
Brown, Bailey BB C1 HKACC Visitor
Cao, Gene GC C1 ZOA Visitor
Lewis, Nicholas NL C1 CZYZ Visitor
Lopez, Rey RL C1 ZKC Visitor
Nguyen, Dominic DN C1 ZOA Visitor
Simmons, Jaden JS C1 ZAU Visitor
Tor, Odinn OT C1 ZLA Visitor
Zane, Andrew AZ C1 ZOA Visitor
Scarbrough, Logan LS S3 ZJX Visitor
Chua, Joseph JC S2 ZLA Visitor
James, Carter CJ S2 ZLA Visitor
Morra, Theo TM S2 VATNZ Visitor
Nardone, Craig CN S2 ZSE Visitor
Vatis, Nick NV S2 ZAB Visitor

Online Controllers

  •   No Online Controllers

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